I LoVe Imperfections... Soooo much more interesting than brand new!*!*!

Thursday, October 23, 2014

H*A*L*LO*W*E*E*N WiTchEs...

"Witch-Graphics" ~ Salem, Mass
 ViNtaGe WITCH CANDLE "Gurley-Brand"

*~ ViNtaGe  ~*
 "White Magic Cleaner Polish Bottle" 
JuSt AwEsoMe WITCH Graphics!*!*!

 All but one, are ViNtaGe Gurley Witch Candles...
Back Left Witch ~ Fannie May Candy Container Made of WAX...

During the 1980's-Early 90's,  I collected Folk Art Pieces...
•Mary Myers FOLK ART WITCH ~ Moon & Stars w/Cat...
•Connie Krizner FOLK ART WITCH - Bottom Left...
•Witch Graphics on Paper Mache Napkin - in the Background...
•Witch Noise-Maker - far left center... 

This Witch Sculpture Graced our Front Drive Entry
 for many a year around Halloween!*!*!
  Now Long Time Gone...  I LoVed her funky Rubber Gloves
 and Tattered Broom!*!*!

Wednesday, October 22, 2014

ViNtAGe H*A*L*LO*W*E*E*N Window Display!*!*!

JuSt AwEsoMe!*!*!
BeSt-Ever ViNtaGe Halloween Collection!!!
An Antique Store in Illinois went ALL~OUT
 with an AmAziNg Display of their personal
 ViNtaGe Halloween Collectibles
 in three of their Storefront Windows!*!*!  
Definitely ENLARGE These Pics!!!

Looks like we're in for a TREAT
 in the next few days here in Wisconsin!!!
UpComing Weather Forecast
Sunny ~ 60's

Tuesday, October 21, 2014

Mayville ViNtaGe MarketPlace ~ Wisconsin...

My Friend Mariann Bequeaith, a well-seasoned ViNtaGe Dealer,  just recently opened up an **Occasional Store** in Historic Downtown Mayville, Wisconsin
LAST FRIDAY ~ was Mariann's GRAND OPENING!*!*!
ViNtaGe F*I*N*D*S Abound Here!!!

 I was so impressed with her displays
 & that 95% of her items were the
Being Naturally ChiPPy & Worn...

 on FaceBook for Times & Dates
 the Store Will Be Open...
If you LoVe ViNtaGe ~ and are  looking for a drive out to the BREATH-TAKING Wisconsin Countryside ~ I highly recommend ShoPPing Mariann's Store in Quaint Historic Downtown Mayville, Wisconsin...

Friday, October 17, 2014

ViNtaGe F*A*L*L Adornments...

 Remembering this Long Since SOLD
ChiPPy-WHiTe Curved Railing...
Just PeRfeCt for PuMpKinS...

 Just Killer Apple-Green 
Weight Scale...

From my personal collection...
Large Black Lantern with Original Glass Panels...

Hope your Weekend is Off to a "Good-Start"...
I've been SHaBBy-SHoPPing up a Storm the past few days,
and will continue through the Weekend!*!*!

H*O*L*I*D*A*Y  S*H*O*W*S
are just around the Corner!*!*!

Tuesday, October 14, 2014

The LEAVES are FaLLing!*!*! ~ Wisconsin...

 After our unbelievably GoRgeOuS Warm
 & SuNNy FaLL Weather this past weekend, The F*A*L*L RAINS & WIND are doing their seasonal duty ~ by dropping thousands of COLORFUL LEAVES on our deck!*!*!

Added  to the mix for just the right amount of P*O*P...

 A Barn SaLe FiNd 
from a few weeks ago...
Handle... PaTiNa...

 Whimsical F*I*N*D!*!*!
Now Gracing Our Front Porch CornStalks...
Although Not Very Old, it shows some character 
having been exposed to the elements...
Hints of Rust... Scuffs... Dings... & Paint-Loss...

~** Bittersweet **~
 Here in the MidWest, F*A*L*L will be winding
 up in the next few weeks...
I'm choosing to STAY IN THE MOMENT ~ Savoring whatever time we have left before the Cold
 Temps, Bare Trees, & Snow Sets in...
  Lots of work yet to be done readying our property

As it stands RIGHT NOW ~ 
Only "2" More Shows for me this year!!!
•Kane County Flea - November 1-2
•3 French Hens Holiday Market  November 14-15
**Visit My SideBar for Details**

Monday, October 13, 2014

A Visit to ~*LuCkY JuNk*~ Arlington Heights, IL...

OMG!!! ~ OMG!!!
For the LoVe of ViNtaGe FiNds
 Chippy... Rusty... Crusty...  **In As-Found Condition**
Owner Janet McCarthy of
~* LucKy JuNk *~
I was first drawn to Janet's keen eye for Time~Worn ViNtaGe FiNds some years back while shopping an Antique Mall she had a booth space in...  I was just trilled that someone else had an "EYE" & Appreciation  for Naturally Time~Worn SHaBBies like I do...

This past Friday, while On-The-Hunt, I found
myself near HER Store **LuCky JuNk**
~ located in Arlington Heights, Illinois...

HONESTLY, No pictures I have ever seen, or the ones I took,
 can depict how Over-The-Top Fab this Store Is!*!*! 

Although it's obvious that Janet's main passion is her 
naturally time~worn vintage finds, she is a smart
 business woman, appealing to many people's styles...
A Line of Chalk Paint,  Local Artist Creations, along
  with hosting various Workshops are her key to success!!!

Of Course I Netted aChiPPy!-SHaBBy! 
ViNtaGe F*I*N*D...
LoVe my Zinc Bottom Tray w/chippy-white wood edges!*!*!

Although it's quite a trek for me to get to her shop,
 I most certainly will make the effort ~  especially when Janet  changes out her look for the Christmas HoLiDays!*!*!

I sooooo enjoyed my visit!!!

Friday, October 10, 2014

Colorful F*A*L*L Leaves & Rust...

"Simple" Old Rusty Tray (Now SOLD) ~ 
Really Makes these colorful Leaves P*O*P!!!
ViNtaGe Glass Jack-o-Lantern adds just the right
 touch with Halloween around the corner...