I LoVe Imperfections... Soooo much more interesting than brand new!*!*!

Thursday, August 27, 2015

Out-And-About -SHaBBy ShoPPing Wisconsin...

ChiPPy-SHaBBy ShoPPing 
 *BACK ROADS OF Wisconsin*
Gathered a Nice-Sized S*T*A*S*H of SHaBBies
 on a **Farm-Run** - Yesterday...

I sooooo Fell-In-LoVe
 with THIS COW!*!*!
Ah - W*I*S*C*O*N*S*I*N

Saturday, August 22, 2015

P*L*A*I*D for FaLL...

F*A*L*L is a great time for Rich Deeper Colors...
I LoVe Hints of  P*L*A*I*D
At This Time Of Year!!!

Going through my "Seasonal Fall Items S*T*A*S*H" -
I Unearthed this FaB
 Old/ViNtaGe  P*L*A*I*D  LUNCHBOX!*!*!
*~Just A Hint MORE of FaLL Appeal~* 

ViNtaGe Wool Blanket
*~Orange ~ Plaid~* 

 Display stacked on Benches, Rolled in Baskets,
 At the foot of Your Bed, Hung on Ladders...

Have a GREAT WeekEnd!*!*!
I'm forcing myself to WORK-IN-THE-GARAGE!!!
I know I'll be glad I did once I get going...

Thursday, August 20, 2015

BeSt-Ever ViNtaGe DOUBLE BUCKET!*!*!

The Search is Over!!!
*ViNtaGe Double-Bucket*
I'm ALWAYS On-The-Hunt for
ViNtaGe Galvanized Double Buckets!!!
Soooo Hard to Find!!!
It's Rare that I even pick up one per season...
These Vintage Buckets were so practical...
 ~ One Side for Soapy Water...  ~One Side for Rinse Water...  
Today they look fab Re-Purposed as a Planter
 -Or- Adorning Dried Fall Foilage... 

 I'll NEVER Part With This One !!!
*~JuSt KiLLeR PaTiNa~*
A*N*D - It's WHiTe!*!*!

Do check my SideBar...
I've added another Selling Venue
Sunday, Sept. 6th
Our Local Maxwell Street Flea Market,
Cedarburg, WI 

Monday, August 17, 2015

BeSt-Ever ChiPPy-White Basket!*!*!

Still LoViNg - Year After Year!*!*!
PeRfeCtLy-ChiPPy, Naturally Time-Worn, 
ChiPPy-WHiTe Wicker Basket

over the past few days!!!
Time to get scrubbing, repairing, organizing, tagging
for my UpComing FaLL/HoLiDay Shows!!! 

Do Check My Blog *SideBar*
 ~ I'll be adding  
 in September, October, November!!! 


Friday, August 14, 2015

A Hint of FaLL...

It may have been in the 90's today...
But signs of FaLL are
 Just Around the Corner!*!*!
Getting ready to bring just a hint of some
 "Early FaLL Color" ~ into our Home
~*Yellow Yarrow *~
~* Annabelle Hydrangeas *~

Have a Great Weekend!*!*! 

Wednesday, August 12, 2015

ChiPPy-SHaBBy Booth *Selling SHaBBies, ELKHORN FLEA - WI

Soooooo Thankful that it
 Stayed-Dry A*L*L Weekend 
At ELKHORN Wisconsin's Flea
This PAST Weekend!*!*!

It was great to SEE so many of Y*O*U
 I haven't seen all summer long!!!
Thank Y*O*U ChiPPy-SHaBBy ShoPPers 
for your continued support!!!
I was AmaZed at all the *1st-Time* SHaBBy ShoPPers as well!!!
Soooo Good to meet you!*!*!

PeRfeCtLy ChiPPY and it's White!!!
SNAGGED This BeSt-Ever Keeper SHaBBy - *FoR Myself*
~Just before the Gates Opened On SuNdAy MoRniNg... OMG!!!
Number Cubby & ViNtaGe Zinc Architectural Fragment
S*O*L*D Early-On...

 The PeRfeCt "Smaller-Size"
Side Cabinet had such FaB Form!!!

 PeRfeCtly ChiPPy 
Time~Worn Bird Statue
Just FaB PaTiNa!!!

 ~* A Hint of Early Fall *~
Old Green Ladder
Bright Yellow Bushel Basket

 Time-Worn ViNtaGe 
went to a very good home!!!

 *Sweet & Cheery*
ViNtaGe Tole Chandelier
Soon to be picked up...

JuSt AwEsoMe!!!
"2-Door Cabinet"
Cathedral-Like Arched Doors!!!
Approx. 32" W x 30" H x 15" D
 •Beveled Front/Side Corners
•Older Soft White Paint...
•Darker Grey Door Accent Color is New Paint...
•Doors open and close easily - stays shut...
•Drawer pulls in and out easily...
•Top is more crude/time-worn...
•One middle shelf inside...
•Piece is stable - sits flat
•No Odors - CLEAN!!! 

Darling ViNtaGe WIRE TOTE with
 Blue Ball Jars found a New Home...  
*I can just see it in the Fall with "Colored Leaves"
*At Christmas with perhaps Holly & Berries!!!

Guy Side of the Booth!*!*!
This is about the only show Froggy comes to with me,
other than our *Home-SaLes*...  Such a BIG HELP
- especially setting up the tents!!!
Thank Y*O*U Froggy!!!

~* Mark - Your - Calendar *~
of the 2015 Season
S U N D A Y   ~   September 27th